Automation, Electronic Devices/Appliances

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Printed Circuit Board Assembly Automation, electronic device/appliance
Automation, electronic device/appliance

Automation, Electronic
Devices / Sppliances

Trung Nam EMS is a real PCP assembly manufacturer in Viet Nam, which has 03 SMT lines and 02 assembly lines equipped with the most advanced production equipment such as YAMAHA pick and place machine, Reflow oven, Wave soldering Machine, X-RAY, AOI testing machine and the most professional technical personnel.

Trung Nam EMS PCBA A2B2 Factory

We have developed CV bank and established partnerships with reputable recruitment agencies to ensure a steady pool of skilled and qualified workers. Our recruitment processes are streamlined and efficient, allowing us to quickly onboard new team members as needed.

Photo/Video SMT/LED Lines

Expanding A2B2 factory


Providing printed circuit board assembly

Trung Nam EMS sources top-quality materials from reputable partners worldwide to produce high-standard products. Our dedication ensures customer satisfaction through premium quality and competitive pricing.

100% lastest machine

Quality assurance

Reasonable price

Fast production and delivery

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