Factory A2B2


The New Green factory: A2B2 Factory

The international design standards are being applied to the factory:

SQM Green, Digital
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Automated Factory with clean room
Green factory

Development towards sustainability

Embracing sustainability, our green factory is a testament to eco- friendly practices, integrating energy-efficient technologies and environmentally conscious processes to minimize our ecological footprint.

Our commitment to a green future extends to our state-ofthe-art factory, where eco-conscious design, waste reduction strategies, and renewable energy solutions converge, creating a sustainable haven that reflects our dedication to environmental stewardship.


Providing printed circuit board assembly

Trung Nam EMS sources top-quality materials from reputable partners worldwide to produce high-standard products. Our dedication ensures customer satisfaction through premium quality and competitive pricing.

100% lastest machine

Quality assurance

Reasonable price

Fast production and delivery

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