Industries & Applications

PCB, PCBA and the difference

PCB, PCBA and the difference    PCB stands for Printed Circuit Board, which is a sort of electronic board used in the electronics industry. It is created utilizing electronic printing technology, therefore the...


Trung Nam EMS created 5 custom printed circuit boards for a new tool that will enable scientists to create 3D charts and breakdown the composition

GPS Tracking System

Trung Nam EMS reliable and flexible quickturn services were trusted to produce the printed circuit boards for a wildlife GPS tracking system for small

Natural Gas Leak Detection System

Trung Nam EMS’s PCB assembly was trusted for the production of a natural gas leak detection system. This detection system is a mobile platform that T

Radiation Therapy System

Trung Nam EMS’s quickturn PCB fabrication was used to develop the printed circuit boards for an innovative radiation therapy system, MRIdian…

Enterprise and Cloud

Trung Nam EMS designs and manufactures printed circuit boards that are trusted by serveral manufacturers around the world

Health Tech

Trung Nam EMS printed circuit boards are essential for the healthcare technology trusted by doctors and nurses, and depended on by patients

IOT (Internet of things)

Trung Nam EMS provides printed circuit boards for the emerging and rapidly changing Internet of Things (IOT) industry

Renewable Energy

Trung Nam EMS provides lead-free printed circuit boards for products that promote green living

Bionic Knee

Trung Nam EMS designed and manufactured the unique circuitry to power and control an innovative bionic knee.

Consumer Electronics

Trung Nam EMS quickturn is ideal for the constantly evolving needs and demands of the consumer tech marketplace