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Viet Nam, as a developing country with the advantage of a young and abundant labor force, is gradually attracting foreign investors to access the market to establish production factories. Here are some key procedures to set up a foreign-invested manufacturing plant in Viet Nam:

Choosing a location

Depending on resources and production needs, investors can choose a location in Viet Nam to set up a factory suitable to the size of their business as follows:

  • Facility rental – pre-built factories from licensed infrastructure leasing companies in Viet Nam. This option is suitable for investors wishing to lease land in order to build a small-scale factory.
  • Renting land in industrial parks, export processing zones, or high-tech zones. This option is suitable for investors who want to rent land for the long term and build a medium-sized or larger factory in Viet Nam. When building a factory located in these areas, investors will enjoy special incentives for enterprises.
  • Rent land directly from the government. This option is suitable for investors with long-term and large land lease plans in Viet Nam. However, this option has a limitation that it will take a lot of time and money.
  • In case the investor has land and needs to convert from residential land to land for factory construction, the investor needs to fully meet the conditions for construction density in accordance with the regulations of that province, and they will be granted a construction permit for their factory. Along with that, the factory construction must always be consistent with the detailed construction planning approved by the competent state agency.

Da Nang IT Park – the Silicon Valley of Viet Nam with a total of 341 ha would be an ideal option for investors who want to find a good place to set up their factories in Viet Nam. 

Investors will find all services in just one area because Da Nang IT Park is divided into 4 different functional areas consisting of a manufacturing area (47.3 ha), a service area (10.03 ha), a mix-used area (8.7 ha), and an R&D area (10.63). 

Moreover, we also offer many flexible choices to meet all the needs of investors such as ready-built factories, built-to-suit factories, land for lease in the field of manufacturing, office for lease…

Da Nang IT Park in the central of Viet Nam
Da Nang IT Park in the central of Viet Nam

Da Nang IT Park

Request the environmental impact assessment report approval

The production process may have negative impacts on the environment, so several objects and projects specified in Appendix II Decree No. 18/2015/ND-CP of Viet Nam’s Government must be carried out environmental impact assessment procedures. This procedure must be performed during the project preparation phase.

The investor applies for approval of the environmental impact report to the People’s Committee of the province. The latest appraisal time limit is 30 days from the date of receiving valid dossiers.

Note: For the cases of building a production plant without having to apply for approval of an environmental impact assessment report, the investor must carry out procedures for certification of the environmental protection plan at the Department of Natural Resources and Environment where the factory is located.

Apply for an Investment Registration Certificate

For projects must apply for approval of the investment policy

Depending on the type of project size, investors must apply for approval of investment policies from different competent agencies such as the National Assembly, the Prime Minister, or the provincial People’s Committee.

After receiving the approval of the investment policy, the investor is not required to carry out the procedures for applying for an Investment Certificate. The investment registration agency will issue the Investment Registration Certificate to the investor within 05 working days from the date of receipt of the decision on the investment policy.

For projects that do not require approval of the investment policy

To be able to set up a factory in Viet Nam, foreign investors must be granted an investment registration certificate. Investors must declare online information about investment projects on the National Information System on Foreign Investment.

Within 15 days from the date of online declaration, the investor must apply for the Certificate of Investment Registration to the Management Board of Industrial Parks and Hi-tech parks of the province. 

After the application is received, the Investment Registration Authority will consider the validity and issue a code for the investment project. In case the application is rejected, this Agency must notify the investor in writing and clearly state the reason.

Apply for a Certificate of Business Registration

After being granted the Investment Registration Certificate, the investor must apply to apply for the Certificate of Business Registration through the National Enterprise Registration Portal. Within 03 – 05 days, the Business Registration Authority will issue a Certificate of Business Registration if your application is valid. After that, the investor must publish information on the National Portal on Business Registration.

Apply for a factory building permit

In the case of building a new factory, the investor must apply for a new construction permit. The management board of industrial parks, export processing zones, economic zones, or high-tech zones will receive the dossier and issue a construction permit to the investor if the application is valid or issue a written refusal in case the application is not valid.

Apply for a fire protection license

Investors submit dossiers to the Police Department for Fire Prevention, Fighting, and Rescue. In case of authorizing another individual or unit to perform, an authorization form must be attached.

Why should investors choose to cooperate with Trung Nam EMS?

Besides the above main procedures, foreign investors still have to perform some basic procedures after establishing a factory like setting up a business such as paying taxes, applying for stamps, hanging signs, and printing invoices…

When choosing to cooperate with Trung Nam EMS, investors will receive complete support from our experts and enthusiastic staff for all the above-complicated procedures. They will shorten the time to build their factory in Viet Nam, save a lot of money and avoid unnecessary risks. Furthermore, investors also take advantage of taxes and other incentives when becoming a partner of Trung Nam EMS.

Let’s simplify administrative procedures and achieve success with Trung Nam EMS – a reliable companion!

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